100 Days of Makeup

I’m back!! I’ve been finding it hard keeping my blogs up to date with a small baby I’m afraid so I’ve concentrated just on instagram as that’s the easiest to do whilst breastfeeding!! Hope you like the new look site and logo 🙂

For my return, I’m working on the 100 days of makeup challenge (#100daysofmakeup). Due to having a tiny little one, I sometimes have to have a day off but I’m working on delivering 100 looks over roughly 100 days! I’m on day 8 so far and really enjoying it. 

Here’s a quick look so far at what I’ve been doing. Some great, some ok, some terrible (I still hate blue) and it’s so great to be learning new techniques. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @dressedtovogue to see what I come up with next.

Love and hugs

K x