#50shadesin50days Day 2

Today was a work day, so the face didn’t take nearly as long (though I think the husband would disagree!) and I fancied a more muted shade today. Time to bring out the pinks!

Both Mac again in the form of lip liner pro longwear in Perfect Posy and their lipstick in hot gossip.

This particular lipstick comes as a creamsheen which doesn’t last nearly as long as matte or retro matte. I found myself reapplying often during the day but my lips were nice and hydrated and when it was on my lips rather than my food or coffee cup, it looked pretty luxurious and moisturised (first picture).

I have a few creamsheens which is why when I bought this shade, I bought a complimentary pencil to enhance the colour and extend the amount of time I had colour on the lip (second picture). They both work well together and are a great lower impact lip, perfect for work.


K x

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