#50shadesin50days Day Five – Liv It Up

Ahhh I’m getting behind! Another review from yesterday! I promise there will be two tomorrow šŸ™‚ . Today’s candidate for #50shadesin50days is from Charlotte TilburyĀ inĀ Liv It Up. The first of a few entries that will feature from the Charlotte Tilbury range.

The Product

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Liv It UpThis is another more hydrating lip colour as a trend I think I’ve been following this week. It moisturises the lip rather than drying to that more matte like finish.

It’s what I would call a ‘jack of all trades pink’. ItĀ suits most make up types to enhance the lip colour and creates a warm tone. It is definitely open to some jazzing up with different liners and lends itself well to most approaches in that way.

The experience of it is pretty awesome I must say. The casing is reassuringly heavy for a luxe product and unlike yesterday’s candidate, it feels secure when you shut it.

How did it do?

Initial application charlotte tilbury liv it upI really liked this tone. As you can see, I had a similar face on to the day beforeĀ in terms of eye make up. I felt much more secure with this pink though. It applied evenly and felt quite buttery in texture. My main fear was that frequent reapplication would be required throughout the morning, but the pigment is pretty strong in this product and held its own. swatch test charlotte tilbury liv it upIt took breakfast and lunch before the colour had properly gone, though reapplication to maintain the colour was needed sooner.

You can see the pigment better in the swatch here on the arm but I grant the lighting probably isn’t doing it justice. Our lamps are warm and a different light to what’s on my face but the hue I think can still be made out. You can certainly see the strength of pigment.

The Verdict


The colour went on really well and whilst there’s a slide due to the hydrating nature of the lipstick, it was easy to get an even coverage.


Pigment is a strong point here as it is deep, rich and maintains a good stain.


Lasted longer than other cream lipsticks in this list so far, but does need reapplication during the day as expected.

Kiss Test

Quite a bit of staining on my coffee mug… Not one for snogs unless you like to share.

Value For Money

This lipstick currently is selling for Ā£24. The packaging and being on the longer lasting side of the cream lipsticks makes this better value than others.

General Comments

I really like this product. It suits a variety of faces and skin tones and is a great staple product for your collection.

Dressed To Vogue Rating


K x

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