#50shadesin50days Day Four – Coral Twist

Yesterday was a fun day, I went a bit mad again which will result in a flurry of reviews. Look out for them! Day four’s candidate for #50shadesin50days was Dior Addict’s Spring 2017 limited edition gradient lipstick in Coral Twist

The Product

Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in Coral TwistThe product itself is a seriously hydrating lip colour. The Dior logo you can see in the lipstick in a lighter topcoat.

The packaging itself provides a reassuringly heavy feel that whilst makes it feel luxury, doesn’t seem as secure as I’d like a lipstick case to be. I was worried about it ‘falling out’ in my bag. Pretty sure this is a false negative as there’s not that much danger of it. I just miss that click of a latch.

How did it do?

The swatch of this colour comes out a really nice corally orange on the arm, but not on the lip. If you apply this on a concealer coloured lip, it will just mix with it and make a shimmery concealer coloured lip. It’s not a good look and never has been. I had to remove the concealer and try again.

This lipstick really doesn’t last very long at all. I found myself reapplying frequently and after every drink or morsel that met my lips. I would heavily suggest a full lip coverage of pencil for this and just use as a topcoat.

On the positive side, I did like the effect of the shimmer. Because of the dual tones in the colour, it gave a nice ‘textured’ shimmer. But I’m not sure the cost of it warrants the positive effect when you are reapplying so often…

This application was minus any lip pencil. You can see that it is enhancing the natural lip colour rather than showing any of that orange on the swatch. The colour seems to be more of a suggestion rather than tint.

The Verdict


The application of this product is blisteringly easy, though you end up using far too much trying to get any colour.


Misleading. Don’t rely on this product alone to provide any real colour.


Terrible. Expect incredibly frequent applications. Might as well be a lip balm.

Kiss Test

If you kiss your partner, expect both of you to shimmer for some time with the smallest peck.

Value For Money

At £26.50, this is an expensive way to provide a topcoat for your lips. There are better solutions.

General Comments

A nice initial look, doesn’t last and can be done with better lasting products that last longer for their price.


K x

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