#50shadesin50days Day Six – Jubilee

It’s a nude day, today! I’m playing more with my Naked palettes so too much colour on the lip would simply be too much. I’ve spoken about MAC Jubilee before on instagram and was pleased to get it out again.

The Product

M·A·C lipstick JubileeJubilee is a creamsheen so it’s not designed for long wear but has a creamy almost gloss like finish. This is one of those lipsticks that will be quicker to add to your ‘back to mac’ collection.

Jubilee is a beige type nude mixed with pink tones designed to compliment the natural shade of your lip. It still adds colour however and can easily be a statement on the face.

How did it do?

It’s no secret that this shade is a favourite of mine. I love the colour on me and it was the subject of a ‘nude quest’ some time ago. Some nudes are frequently too insipid needing a pencil but this isn’t one of them. I complimented the shade with a clear lip pencil to enhance the line on the lip but it holds its own happily.

The swatch test shows that the pigment is also true to colour on the face. I usually put at least some concealer on my lips so that colour can hold its own, but this can be used without to use your own colourings. A great product for a quick ‘get out of the house in 15 mins’ face – a great choice for mummies.


The Verdict


This product is easy to apply and is actually difficult to get patchy. It feels really nice on the lip and covers any blemishes. Even if you haven’t exfoliated your lips recently, it will hide some sins.


True to shade on concealer and skin.


A normal creamsheen effect from MAC and will need reapplication throughout the day.

Kiss Test

It will stain due to the wear, but the pigment is strong so it lasts a little longer.

Value For Money

Retailing at a reasonable £16.50, a staple for your collection but won’t last as long as your mattes.

General Comments

I love it to hide any sins and the colour. Worth it in my opinion.

Dressed To Vogue Rating


K x

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