#50shadesin50days Day Three

I woke up ridiculously early today. The husband was snoring his head off all night, the cat was demanding cuddles and a change of position every 5 minutes and the bump decided to have a disco. Whilst all of this seriously hampered any sleep, it did mean Day 3 of #50shadesin50days could commence.

The Product

mac velvetease lip pencil in just my typeToday’s product is MAC’s Velvetease Lip Pencil in Just My Type. I am using this just on it’s own as the product isn’t as dry as a normal lip liner. It’s really more of a crayon.

I have read some reviews on the lip pencils in general and they’ve been really quite mixed. Some are less forgiving of it’s creaminess which has an impact on wear time whilst others have expected a much more lipstick like experience.

I wasn’t expecting either upon application and so had a much better experience

How did it do?

Well I must admit, for me it ticked a lot of the proverbial boxes. The pigment was super rich and I loved the pop of the colour. I applied it over a less so, but still concealer covered lip which also helped that ‘pop’ along nicely. I had exfoliated my lips last night in readiness for a very matte look (I changed my mind this morning) so it went on really smoothly without cracks or patches. Some reviews have highlighted exactly that – I suggest they exfoliate next time.

MAC Velvetease lip pencil in Just My Type MAC Velvetease lip pencil in Just My Type

Pic no 1 is fresh on with a nice sheen and no patches. Pic no 2 is after breakfast which has some patches and the sheen has gone leaving it looking a little tired. Colour is still great though.

The Verdict


Smooth and easy to control.




It’s not the longest lasting thing in the world and after my lunch is was pretty much gone, but after a lighter coffee and breakfast bar breakfast, it was still reasonable.

Kiss Test

Leaves a muted stain but doesn’t rub off

General Comments

Would definitely recommend as long as you don’t mind reapplying as you would a cream.



K x

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