#50ShadesIn50Days Days 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16

It’s been a few days again so it’s time to catch up with 50Shades. I had a dreadful day for day 12, I’m loathed to put it up but in the interest of research I’m going to have to… Candidates this week are

  • MAC in Men Love Mystery
  • Urban Decay in Walk of Shame
  • Benefit Double Lip in Pink Thrills
  • Charlotte Tilbury in Secret Salma
  • Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in Azalea
  • MAC in Dangerous

You’ll see I missed one off the images of the product and swatches… Blame the Baby Brain!

The Products

50shades day 11 12 13 14 15Men love mystery (MLM) is a favourite purple of mine. It’s a matte finish so stains well and lasts a long time without the perils of the retro matte line.

Walk of Shame (WS) is a sheer shimmer and really should only be used as a top coat in my opinion. I’ve seen great reviews for it but I’m not convinced.

Pink Thrills (PT) was a surprise for me. I got it in my March BirchBox and had no expectations. It’s a double colour claiming to be lip liner and lip colour in one. This one is the more pink of the two offered by BirchBox this month.

Secret Salma (SS) was a more luxurious cream application with a darker pink hue to it. Funnily enough, it looked completely different on me than on mother who has the same colour…

I had read about Bobbi Brown Art Sticks Liquid Lip (AZ) and was quite desperate to try one. Azalea is a pinky super pigmented liquid that comes in a handy squeezy tube that doesn’t leave you wanting more colour…

Dangerous (DS) is another old favourite of mine that came out recently, this time in the retro matte range. It’s an orange highly pigmented shade with great reviews across the board.

How did they do?

50shades day 11 12 13 14 15 16MLM: was a lovely shade and product to wear. I’d just had my hair done so it went really well with that but also really enhanced the natural tones of my skin. It stayed on for the most part and only needed a couple of reapplications during the day which are so easy to do as it applies so evenly and easily. It’s no secret I love the Matte range by MAC and this is no exception.

WS: I hate this look on me. Not only was I running really late for NCT class so I couldn’t pay attention to doing a more careful face (check out those brows!!), my hair was soaking wet so hurriedly put up and the shade of lipstick I was wearing looked nothing like it did when I tried it in the shop. Needless to say I took a picture for the cause but I think you can see I’m not happy about it. Went on easily enough but I will only ever use as a top coat again.

PT: I was really pleasantly surprised by this product. I’m not really a fan of benefit and find them a bit tame for my liking. I was also not really expecting much from a product that claims to be a liner and colour at the same time but it was a nice experience. I don’t think it’s that easy to get the two different colours showing that much but it’s a good everyday pink. Don’t rely on it to line your lips though, it only adds the colour (if you can do that) it doesn’t provide the rest of the benefits such as lessening bleed and definition.

SS: The shade here is a really nice darker shade for those less sunny days. But like all Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, it glides on really easily and stains well. I found myself only reapplying after food. It’s probably not so great as a summer shade for people with paler skin such as myself as it actually enhances the darker parts of the pigment. I’ve retired it for evening and cloudy days for now.

AZ: I love love love this. I was a bit rubbish at putting it on though, I think it takes some practise. Once I’d managed it though, I loved how pigmented this was and was pleased with how quickly it dried. It was more pink on my lips than in the swatch but I was happy with that.

DS: As a retro matte, I knew from past experience to make sure I’d exfoliated my lips extensively before application. It would be harder if I hadn’t done that. It doesn’t go on very evenly and isn’t one of the best pigments mac have, but I do love the colour.

The Verdicts


MLM: Easy to apply and goes on with an even finish. Will cover up sins if you don’t vigorously exfoliate.
WS: Easy to apply and to get even (if you can see it).
PT: Takes a bit of practise to do the bottom lip but goes on easily enough.
SS: Easy to apply and even with a nice finish.
AZ: Difficult to apply and get even but once you get the knack you’re ok
DS: Required to exfoliate prior to application and can be patchy. A lot of product needed


MLM: Lovely amount of pigment but did not stain as well as others for a long lasting wear.
WS: Pigment is not high on the list of priorities of this product… I found it underwhelming.
PT: Average pigment, doesn’t stain the lip brilliantly hence reapplication but not as dull as you’d think.
SS: Pigment is strong and stains well, not enough to stay past a meal but for general day use, good.
AZ: Super pigmented product with a lot of vibrancy that stains really well.
DS: Highly pigmented and stains the lip for a long time. Loses vibrancy quicker than others in the same range.


MLM: Did not need to reapply more than 3 times during the day with drinking and mainly because I ate.
WS:  Lasted about half an hour until I had some water. Really doesn’t stick around.
PT: Average lasting power, needed reapplication throughout the day.
SS: Only needed reapplication after eating.
AZ: Faded after eating but the stain was still very much there. Only reapplied to restore vibrancy.
DS: Stained the lip well and as with AZ above, it only needed reapplying for vibrancy and on the inner lip after lunch.

Kiss Test

MLM: Some stain on the cup but not a great deal.
WS: Gone in a drink – let alone a kiss!
PT: Stains but would take a lot to really smudge.
SS: Some stain on the cup.
AZ: Once dry, this one isn’t going very far at all!
DS: Very little on the cup.

Value For Money:

MLM: £16.50 seems about right for the job it did.
WS: As a shade on it’s own at £15.50 is really not worth it… Possibly as a top coat for initial impact.
PT: At £16.50, I’m not sure about this one. I think there are better products out there for slightly less considering it doesn’t meet what it says it does.
SS: I think £24 is reasonable for this more luxurious product. It sticks around and is a lovely day lipstick.
AZ: You really don’t need a lot of this product to coat the lip, it will go a long way. So at £21.50 I’m pretty sold…
DS: £16.50 for this product compared to the others is perhaps not up to what you’d expect, but it’s close.

Dressed To Vogue Rating

MLM: 7/10
WS: 1/10
PT: 6/10
SS: 7/10
AZ: 8/10
DS: 7/10

K x

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