#50shadesin50days Days 7, 8, 9 and 10

Catch up day! There have been four new looks and no posts. Fear not! Here’s a post to get you up to date. Candidates this week for days 7,8,9 and 10 include:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick in Electro Orange with MAC pro longwear lip pencil in What A Blast. (EO)
  • MAC Frost Lipstick in Plum Dandy with MAC pro longwear lip pencil in Fashion Boost (PD)
  • Next Cosmetics Lipstick in Summer Coral with MAC pro longwear lip pencil in Posy Perfect (SC)
  • MAC PatentPolish Lip Pencil in It’s Really Me with Marc Jacobs Poutliner Long Lasting Lip Liner in Invisible (RM)

The Products

There were a lot of good points of each product and some not so good.

EO: The YSL cream is probably the trickiest though as it requires dry time. It’s quite a bright orange that may be a little too much for some people.

PD: Plum Dandy is a frost lipstick in a lilac purple which means that it has extra pigment to add that shimmery look to it. Great reviews on these types of lipstick but known not to stay put that long. The pencil underneath went all over the lip with a much more bright purple to enhance the overlying frost.

SC: The next make up is one I’ve had for a while (I think it came free in a glossybox…) and never tried. It’s a matte with a cool pink pigment. Good for spring and I’ve spoken about posy perfect before. A great addition for any pink lipstick.

RM: The crayon was my favourite of the bunch and is a contender in the ‘battle of the nudes’ should there be one. It’s a cream based product so reapplication is very necessary. Marc Jacobs invisible lipliner is a waxy product designed to stop bleed when you don’t require a coloured liner.

How did they do?

Looks for YSL, MAC, Next and Marc Jacobs

EO: This went on with quite some difficulty actually. It’s a patchy and hard to apply evenly. When you try to make it more even, you create patches elsewhere. The pencil did help a little here even though it wasn’t the best match as it helped even out the shade. It didn’t stick around for long which was disappointing. The swatch shows the patchyness the most.

PD: I love Plum Dandy anyway and wear it on it’s own as a nice darker sheen of purple but with the fashion boost lip pencil… Well I was a bit blown away. I loved the combo and together they created a really rich coverage that only needed more Plum Dandy applied as the lip pencil stayed nicely. Both went on easily and evenly.

YSL, MAC, Next and Marc JacobsSC: An average product, one that you would expect to get from your usual pharmacy brands of make up I guess. It wasn’t the best but certainly not the worst. It didn’t go on brilliantly and did highlight some sins especially as the day went on but stayed put with drinks and as expected, disappeared with food. Ok for everyday and was a nice colour. The colour on the lip wasn’t the truest to the swatch so this is one you’d need to try on your face before buying.

RM: Loved this. Simple. I love the colour and I loved the way the pencil kept it in place and prevented any type of bleed at all. It’s great for an understated look and would do well if you were channelling the likes of Victoria Beckham. Went on smoothly and easily providing great coverage for not much product.

The Verdicts


EO: Hard to apply and not a brilliant finish
PD: Easy to apply and has a luxurious finish
SC: Patchy application but correctable
RM: Easy to apply and not much product needed


EO: Strong pigment and holds colour well
PD: A frost so more than one pigment and with the strong pigment of pencil, a great mix
SC: A weaker pigment that needs a lot of product to really see
RM: A complimentary to skin tone pigment that looks different on different tones. Highlights your own pigments well.


EO: Gone quickly and too tedious to reapply
PD: Only need to apply frost top coat, pencil stayed for a good long while.
SC: Average wear, needs a fair amount of reapplication
RM: Does need a lot of reapplication as a cream finish but crayon style makes that a lot easier

Kiss Test

EO: This would end up all over the face of whoever your kissing, not one for dates…
PD: Not the best for dates, but great if you both his/her cheek to resemble twilight!
SC: Wouldn’t show that much but certainly wouldn’t stick around on you.
RM: Not one that would be that conspicuous if rubbed off on your beau’s cheek, but you would need to reapply.

Value For Money:

EO: The pencil is £15.50 and the cream gloss is £24.30. Not a great price for the length of time it stays. The pencil however can be used on a few shades so always worth it.
PD: The pencil is £15.50 as above and worth it and the lipstick is £16.50. Quite a pricey combo for frequent wear but great for occasion.
SC: At 8 pounds this is definitely the cheapest lipstick, not so bad to reapply at that price. Pencil again is £15.50.
RM: The pencil is £18 and the lip pencil is the same price but the flexibility of both speaks volumes in terms of value.

Dressed To Vogue Rating

EO: 3/10
PD: 7/10
SC: 5.5/10
RM: 7.5/10

K x

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