February Birchbox

I’m half and half with my birchbox this month. On one hand, there’s not enough things to play with but on the other, I’m loving that I get to have fun with my mask later! Korea is forward when it comes to what we may consider weird and wacky ways to stay hydrated and I’m excited to see what occurs.

The first thing I tried was the fun mask. I looked amazing and Andrew (Husband) was suitably scared. 

As you can see, it’s the MOST attractive thing you’ll find and should be used to attract possible mates!! 😀

In all seriousness; you put this on for 25 minutes and it claims that because the mask is next to your skin, it means that the serum really sinks into the skin and I have to say, I think they’re right. When I took the mask off it was definitely far less gloopy than when I put it on and my skin was super plump, firm and very hydrated.

Today however, it doesn’t seem like it’s lasted that well and I definitely am in need of some moisture so probably not the best thing if you have very dry skin like me but the immediate effects were fantastic.

Plus scaring the husband was quite hilarious 😀

Next up was Beaver Professional conditioning spray, I didn’t see anything spectacular and I didn’t use my usual frizz ease to see what it was like and ended up with very fluffy hair. Maybe this one needs a build up…

I’ve used Nuxe oil before – I like it but didn’t need it yesterday. It’s great for the ends of hair when 2 day in frizz starts looking horrendous. Never, ever use on the roots. I did that once on fresh hair and had to wash it the next day for fear of people trying to fry eggs on my head…

I was quite excited about the POP Beauty trio as I love to try out a new eye. I’m a very loyal urban decay naked (all of them) palette girl as I heart the pigments, how they apply and choice but always on the look out. I found the colours a bit insipid for my liking. The lighter one was too yellow, the lid too baby pink to pop ad the brown not dark enough to smoke. I did a swatch on the underside of my arm and the application wasn’t great and as I was going out that evening, I’m afraid I reverted back to my default…

Moving on to the brush. I love a good brush! Good eye brushes are so hard to find. Ones that are firm enough to pat on the smoke but soft enough to provide a blended look for the rest of the eye is hard to find. I heart this spectrum brush a lot. I was really pleased with how it retained the powder well without flicking too hard sending a cloud over my cheek. I’m going to have a look at what else they do as I’m always building up my collection!

All in all, yes I prefer more things to ‘play’ with, experimenting with new colours etc and was a bit disappointed by the palette but still worth getting. Next month is a brand new benefit treat… Watch this space.

K x