I, Aye, Eye

Eyes and the eye area is really hard. When I was younger, I was a mix of nu, glam and trad goth so my makeup was very harsh with lots of hard colours and a whole lot of black. Blending wasn’t really high on the list of priorities and so you kind of got used to looking a bit like you had two black eyes. Yes, I even used my black eyeliner on my eyebrows a few times and some of those bad habits have stayed with me all this time…

Failing Forward

Don’t worry, I stopped using black eyeliner on my brows a long time ago but I’m still a newbie at the eyes and eye makeup. Instead of fretting about mistakes however, I want to apply my professional philosophy (there’ll be a whole tonne of this on my sister blog soon) of failing forward and learning from every mistake I make.

1. Don’t trim your eyebrows to make them supershort in the hope that you can draw them better.

Since I’ve started taking close ups of my eyes, wow does this look stupid! I’ve taken a pair of scissors to my eyebrows for the last time and will be making regular trips to get them shaped properly!!

2. Blend until you think you’re done, then blend some more

I don’t think I ever really understood the concept of blending different colours on your eyes, mainly because of the amount of black I wore… However, as I’ve been experimenting I look at my blend and think ‘yes that is a good blend’ then look at a picture that looks so blocky. I’ve learnt to hold my brush at the end, use a good quality blending brush and make sure it’s clean.

3. Study your colour charts!

I’ve been very very guilty of not really thinking about how colours will go together and ending up with a really muddy eye. Complimentary colours are not great to blend together, it just goes into a weird boring colour. Colours that are near each other are great and defining your eyes is much more than adding a killer wing.

The Result

I think I did a pretty good job here. I’ve created a look with colours that are closer together on the colour chart and therefore hold their own. The lines are a lot less harsh and the definition in the outer corner isn’t a block colour.

My eyes are naturally super wrinkly so my wing is NEVER clean but I’m happy with how it compliments rather than overpowers. Hopefully we can see an improvement! Once my eyebrows grow back it’ll be even better LOL!

Here I’ve used Marc Jacobs primer, Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together palette, NYX epic eyeliner and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

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Learning is life.

K x

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