Making Up Your Friends

So I think I’m getting pretty good at making up my face. I’m learning how to blend better, blind with highlight and have lashes for days. Making up your friends however once they see you getting better is a whole different ball game! I have a whole new found respect (on top of the huge amount I already had) for make up artists. It’s hard. Especially with an unexpected enormous hangover… That didn’t help.

Sure I can do that!

My friend was off to a wedding and doesn’t wear very much makeup at all so she wanted something ‘a tiny bit’ more dramatic. She sent me pictures which to be honest I thought oh yes I that’s easy peasy – I could do that on my own eyes super dooper. Bing bong, there goes the door: hooray! Cup of tea, let’s do this.

First up was a tiny bit of blonde definition to the eyebrow – I promised that my latest eye brow attempts (go power brow!!) would not be repeated. Yup looking good so far, win!

Out came my heat palette, it’s a staple and I love it. Now I have one full eyelid and one that is slightly hooded so I compensate naturally but you shouldn’t do this with other people! Blend blend blend eep! I fixed it, we’re good.

So no wing then?

My friend was adamant she did not want my style of eyeliner. No wing, no cat eye, no eyeliner outside of the lash line. I convinced her (and she loved it) to a little scorched eyeliner in the corners on the waterline which paved the way. Now I’m really grateful my friend did not want a wing. Liquid eyeliner on yourself is hard, on other people it’s a million times harder! The cotton bud jar was utilised a lot… but we got there. Phew!

Lashes for daaaaaaaaays

False lashes are a staple of my look and I’m really getting into all the wispy ones. We put some on my friend and she took them straight off hehe. She was right because when I applied my favourite mascara (Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir) her lashes are immense! I’m often heard lamenting the fact I have mega short eyelashes so I spent at least 20 mins expressing extreme jealousy from this point on. Lucky girl.

On to the face… now my friend didn’t want the full face and wanted to stick with her normal look which was fine by me – I was exhausted at this point. We blended in a shimmer face cream and then I moved onto lips using a neutral colour of which I happened to have a sample of that she could keep for reapplying. Result.

Thank goodness, we’re done!

Well any normal person would say errrrm Kirstie, what about the rest? You’re quite correct I forgot about any blush which I came back from getting a drink to find my friend applying. Whoops! But then I did apply some highlighter to enhance it and then we were done.

I’m happy to say she loved it 🙂 as I said, she’s not a big makeup wearer and really put me out of my normal slap it on comfort zone but we achieved what she wanted. So then we could really say, thank goodness.

I actually really enjoyed it even though it was super difficult and have decided next year to do a course in makeup application. I’ve also got a queue of guinea pigs to practise on and a panto coming up where I’m helping with stage makeup so hopefully it won’t be quite so nerve racking in future!

Pay special attention to the lashes… Jealousy will ensue.

K x



Featured photo credit: Castro Camilo Boy whore via photopin (license)