March 2017 Top 10 Purchases

My blogging schedule has been lax of late, apologies! It’s what comes with being 38 1/2 weeks pregnant I’m afraid. I’m ready to drop, furiously uncomfortable Hopefully this will make up for it. I’ve been busy in March (as you will see on my instagram and facebook – don’t forget to follow!) with new products and revisiting old favourites. Here are my top 10 for March.


march top 10 - lipsticksI am a bit addicted to lips, and March has been no different! The ones that have made my top 10 this month are MAC Pink Pigeon with MAC Talking Points pencil, Lavender Jade, Soft Hint and Hot Gossip. Pink Pigeon is has a matte finish and super pigmented (the bright pink one). I wore it with the talking points pencil which isn’t the longwear one, I prefer the longwear pencils but this was fine. Potentially, it was a bit ageing for my skintone but with fresh pink/purple hair it would look ace.

I paired up Lavender Jade (purple) with Soft Hint (blue). Lavender Jade is another matte finish with soft hint sheen working as a fabulous top coat. I loved it.

Hot Gossip is a great cream (no pic yet, coming for #50shades) for keeping it neutral with lovely pink undertones. I recommend them all.

Lavender Jade + Soft Hint MAC


I adore this blusher. A simple statement for so many compliments I can give it. Giorgio Armani’s Cheek Fabric in 502 Skin is perfect for spring with it’s beautiful peachy pink undertones. The colour aside, it’s the texture of this powder that really sells it. A lot of blush is a dry powder but this one has a much more silky feel and is much better for people dry skin like me.

This is definitely an investment piece as we know Armani punches a price tag but you really don’t need to wear much and your cheeks will feel amazing.


Eyes have been invested in this month with 3 amazing products. Chanel Stylo Eyeliner Pen in NoirChanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner Stylo in Cassis (83) and Marc Jacobs Major Volume Mascara in Velvet Noir.

The cassis eyeliner is a very dark purple that doesn’t give you a purple look but really tones down what a black would give you in the eye making it seem less ‘closed’.

The eyeliner pen is fantastic. I know that all pens are usually good when new before their tips go all rubbish and thick, but this has a very precise tip. It makes creating those wings and flicks so much easier. I hope it stands the test of time… We shall see!

I curl my eyelashes everytime anyway (I have very short ones) but I honestly think you wouldn’t need to with this mascara. It builds amazingly and elongates as well as building out volume. I was looking for a new mascara for ages and I’m so pleased I got this one.



I was intrigued by the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. Mostly because it’s dry and reusable! Of course your usual £5 gloopy sheet masks are fun and do plump up your skin so I was fascinated to find out how this £18 (or 4 for £60) could deliver that ‘plump’ refreshed feeling without moisture.

It did though. My skin felt soft, hydrated and definitely firmer. My mum tried one too and found that her ‘furrow’ between her brows was less pronounced. We were both super pleased. I haven’t gotten to the third time yet but I’m seriously impressed.

Biggest bonus? You can hook it on your ears and the thing stays on without careful placement so you don’t get gloop up your nose!!!


So there you have it – my top 10 for March. All worth it, all now staples in my makeup collection.

K x

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