Merci Handy Hand Cream New Wave Review

Merci Handy was a hand cream that was included in the January birchbox. I dug it out recently as I had run out of hand cream and this baby is stealing all moisture!

The Product

The first thing you notice about this product is the smell. All three of the variations have a very sweet smell. New wave smells like sweets which is nice when you first open it.

The packaging is brightly coloured, handy is you lose things in your bag often. I do! It’s also small enough to carry around with you. Some hand creams are overly bulky in their packaging.

The reviews are mixed in terms of use and saturation so let’s see how it does!

How did it do?

I had mixed reactions to this cream. The smell when you open it is a sweets smell as I mentioned earlier and sticks around for a while. Unfortunately, the smell doesn’t degrade well. Within 10 mins I felt like my hands smelled stale and a bit like cheap cream. That wasn’t nice.

I also felt that the application wasn’t as good in ‘soaking in’. I felt like it sat on my hands rather than went into the skin. They weren’t greasy, but they didn’t feel particularly amazingly hydrated. You know that feeling when you use a really good cream and your skin feels plump and lovely? That didn’t happen.

The Verdict

I’m not keen. It’s an ok backup and at under a fiver, it wouldn’t break the bank if you bought it and had the same reaction as me. For pharmacy price hand creams though – I think there are better out there.


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