Too Faced On My Face

My first introduction to Too Faced was the ‘Better Than Sex’ waterproof mascara sample in a glossy box but I’ll be honest, I’m not keen on waterproof so I only used it once. However, a trip across the river took me to my nearest Too Faced concession where I was able to properly browse some of their products. I left with a few things but the one I wanted to talk about today is Too Faced Love Flush in Love Hangover.

The Product

I’m in love with how this product looks. I opened it up and saw the beautiful embossed powder which immediately made me feel special. It’s a peach long lasting powder that is highly pigmented. The packaging for me doesn’t really match the product though. It’s a plastic heart that’s slightly reminiscent of Polly Pocket from the 90s. It feels light and something that would be for the younger generations. I think it’s a shame that it doesn’t have a feel that matches the opening impression of the powder itself in just a little weight. I adore the light heartedness, it just doesn’t feel as substantial as I’d like.

How did it do?

too faced faceI did a bit of a boo boo when I first put the blush on and underestimated the pigment strength. I had orange lines on my face which was quite hilarious! What is great about that of course is that the pigment is nice and strong. I found that the colour whilst looking ok in the store, did not do my rosacea many favours. As you can see, there’s a definite flush in my face that doesn’t look like something I’d done on purpose. However, with a different mix of products in a more peach setting, I think it’d be fine. Add to that not needing to try and tone it down so perhaps it’s user error here 😀

The Verdict

You can buy this for £25 which I think is a pretty hefty price. At first glance because of the packaging, I wasn’t sure about paying so much for a blush. However, the prettiness of the powder and the long lasting nature with the pigmentation, I think it’s a good price. It does need some careful application but lasts.

K x