My Urban Decay Primers Regime – A Review

I have tried many primers, this the first that has warranted a review.

I suffer from Rosacea on my face. It’s worse at the moment as pregnancy seems to have exacerbated it meaning without anything on it, my face is a rather permanent shade of puce. Matching my hair at times!! I have tried many different types of makeup to reduce the effects of it and cover it up but have found that a lot of ways to cover it up mean my skin gets worse. A catch 22 situation.

I needed a new primer so I headed over to the Urban Decay counter as I’d liked the previous primer and prep spray I had to be told it was being discontinued. Disaster!!!! Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Spray and Self Adjusting Primer to the rescue!

The Products

The prep spray for me is a great source of hydration. With my skincare regime, it could be seen as a little overkill (micellar water, cleanser milk, toner, magic cream) as that is purely driven to relieve my red skin of the chronic dryness it has, but in my case, too much is never enough! Plus it smells like coconuts and reminds me of holiday so that’s a huge bonus.

The primer comes with a pretty special sell. Within it, it has adjusting pigments in the little black beads that change according to how much you blend the product into your skin. The more you rub it in, the more the pigment beads will burst and darken. Once you achieve your tone, you stop. Simple right! It also boasts a light texture that minimises pores, blurs your lines and gives that ‘air brush’ matte look to start your makeup application.

How did they do?

So the first image is my right hand without any primer on. As you can see it has my normal, slightly mottled (thanks incredibly fair skin) look. The second image which is my left hand has the primer on. It is definitely a more even tone, slightly darker and with a more ‘airbrushed’ finish. Now to try out on my crimson cheeks!

As you can see, my complexion is way more even and the redness is hugely reduced. I’ve had to rely on using huge amounts foundation, concealer and powder in the past to achieve a normal skin colour without putting on greasy, pore clogging or both correctors. This primer managed to achieve an exceptionally light coverage that enabled a drastic reduction in make up required.

I would hazard a guess at me using approx only 1/2 to 2/3 of the makeup I usually use to achieve full coverage to begin building my ‘base’. An amazing achievement. I’m utterly sold.

The Verdict

The spray is £23.50 and the primer is £23.

The spray you could easily go through quite quickly. It’s great on a hot day and claims to be light enough to spray over makeup for hydration. I wouldn’t risk that myself but it’s a lovely addition to my skincare and makeup routine. If you have dry skin, it’s a good tool to have otherwise I’m not sure I’d bother if you already have a good regime.

The primer however is worth it’s weight in gold. Because the pigment is adjusting you really don’t need very much at all. It does also leave a really smooth matte finish which makes applying your foundation so much easier. I love it! I challenge you to find a primer I’ll use again other than this… It doesn’t work miracles, but boy it’s better than I’ve had yet.

K x

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