Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Topcoats – A Review

I was waiting for the Urban Decay topcoats for so long. They had been plastered all over the internet since earlier on this year, exciting stuff. The problem was that everytime I went into Bluewater, I’d be told the release had been delayed! I think I waiting about 6 weeks in the end, I can’t give a firmer time as I was heavily pregnant and gave birth in the delay period… Baby brain definitely kicked in enormously. I do now however have my hands on four of them and the question is: were they worth the wait?

The Products

The idea of these products is that you transform your lip colour into an ‘out out’ look. You can apply it over your daytime lip colour to take it into the evening. Perfect for the busy individual who doesn’t have time to redo their face after a day of meetings…

To be honest, I wanted to buy the entire range but limited myself to four. Mr DTV was with me and looking annoyed at adding to an already sizeable haul so it seemed wise hehe. These were my four favourites.

The product itself is a mixture of gloss and glitter that sets much like the vice lip liquid products. It doesn’t set as well though due to the nature of the product being designed to work with other products.

How did it do?

The topcoats apply well but it takes a bit of practise. The glitter can make it clump slightly which you will need to master the art of a smooth application. Due to the nature of the product, it will affect how well your lipstick wears as well like most glosses so you will need to reapply if you’re eating and drinking.


I paired up Circuit with MAC lipstick in Chili. I’m loving reds and greens together and when I had my red hair, I wore a lot of green. I think that the green really lifts it for an evening look. It is also great for stage makeup. Curly wurly to anyone who spots my error in the image….

3rd Degree

I LOVE this combination! I bought this colour especially as it was my test swatch in the shop. The lip colour is Urban Decay in Pandemonium which sets off the gold so very well. I tried this on during the day, it’s not a day look but I still loved it.


This is such a lovely topcoat and one of my favourites. I used it on top of the limited edition juicy fruity collection from MAC in Love At First Bite. It’s the darker purple out of the two I bought and created a beautiful shade over the lipstick. I think this may even challenge Urban Decay Big Bang in terms of a pink glitter lip…


This is the lighter purple of the shades I bought and is great for those darker shades. I paired it with MAC Si, Si, Me! which is another colour from the Juicy Fruity range. It’s a darker shade, great for the less sunny days and Regulate really hots it up for the evening. It’s taken on a similar shade to the previous which emphasises that you pick your topcoat for the lipstick you want to wear in the day and keep it on you for when you want to ‘glam up’.

The Verdict

I’m in love with these I have to say. At £13.95 (John Lewis has a price match going on at the moment) they are definitely worth investing in. You won’t use them all the time and you definitely don’t need a lot to make a serious difference.

K x

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