#50shadesin50days Day One

I was so excited by this first day. It was my friend, Ben’s, birthday celebrations so I was off to see some lovely friends get drunk whilst I guzzled water so an excuse to spend a touch more time on the old face was very appropriate! Today’s candidates were both from Mac: Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2 and 4eva.

I love both these shades individually and they will come up again worn alone in this campaign but I couldn’t resist trying out a subtle gradient with them. These colours are great for really making your lips pop but make sure you cover your lips in concealer to get the best out of them. They are also both matte so last and apply nicely without the difficulties of the retro matte application.

I also went over a tiny bit with my concealer brush to blend as I didn’t want a distinct ‘line’ as you would get with these two shades together which added to the subtlety.

The first picture of me is pretty awful – but shows the gradient best blended. I really loved the effect and I LOVE these shades even more together… Once fully done it became a more textured look on the lip but I still loved it and highly recommend the combo.


K x

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