I’m writing this after several weeks of being rather busy. My poor Grandma has been really poorly in hospital for nearly 4 weeks now (hopefully coming home tomorrow, yay!) so I’ve been spending my energies in looking after her and other family members as we all have been looking after each other. Now back to my primary obsession… LIPS!

I’m so excited to see a trend coming out more over the last few months of multi tonal lips. It’s been popular in Korea for a while and has been working it’s way over here which makes me so very excited! It’s a look I loved so much as a younger metaller/goth (depending on how I felt)


I used to line my lips with the blackest eyeliner I could find, go over liner with black lippy and then brush on a red for the inside of the lip creating a gradient of black to red. I can find no photos of it apart from a tiny black and white one which made me sad 🙁 but at least we can start doing it again and this time with so many colours!!

I’ve decided to embark on a new campaign of 50 days and 50 shades of lips, which now we can add multitonal to this, makes it all the more exciting. Starting from next weekend (I have a disgusting cold, we’re not starting yet) and I’m so excited, watch this space 😀

K x