4 Tools for Sufferers of Antenatal Depression – Update

You may have read my previous post on my experiences with Antenatal or Prenatal Depression here and the things that helped me to get back on track. I wanted to post a quick update to show just what happens when you open up and especially prove the point of number 4.

I posted the link to the post on Facebook which of course has all of my friends and acquaintances on, a lot of which had no idea about what I had been dealing with. The response was overwhelming. Whilst I was not writing in order to specifically elicit peoples’ support, it was heartwarming to find messages of love and support coming in. I also got a couple of lovely messages from people who were full of ideas to help such as support groups and online forums specifically dedicated to this issue.

I would like to thank everyone who showed me support and say to anyone else who is suffering from any type of mental issue whether it’s anxiety, depression or something else, please do talk. People are listening.

K x