Clubbercise: the good, the ace and the awesome

I have a really big goal when it comes to how I perceive myself personally. There are many things that I am actively working to feel better about and one of those is fitness and wellbeing. The first action I took to do that was to go to Clubbercise! I was lucky enough to start up with one near Dartford run by a lovely lady called Frances who introduced me to a whole load of other things – but that’s a different story! Here’s 4 reasons why you should do, as I affectionally call it, Clubber.

1. It’s in the dark

If you get anxious about people seeing you figuring out the routines for the first time, Clubber is definitely one for you. Imitating a night club, the room has club lighting (think moving lasers) and the use of glow  sticks. Brilliant to give it some welly without worrying about wobbly bits!

2. Fast benefit

Front row dwellers who know the routines already and seem to have limitless energy are at most exercise classes. I refer to them lovingly as ‘jumpies’ and it was a belief of mine that it would be years before I could ever consider jumping about as they do. However, two months later I’m doing all the extra jumps and am well on my way. As a seriously plus size girl, if I can do that anyone can!

3. Great music

Maybe it’s a ‘Frances’ thing, but I love the different themes we have. I’ve just come home from an 80s night which was pretty awesome. Unlike a lot of aerobics classes, the music is something you actually might like to listen to.

4. Dancing is fun!

I may be a little biased as I’ve always loved a bit of a boogie. You can be as refined or not as you like as no one cares if those arms are placed right or those hands are finished except you. It’s all about enjoying your work out.

If you want to try Clubber and you’re local – get yourself to this facebook page to find out more.

K xxx