My May Goals for 2018

Goals are really important to me, they show me how I’m succeeding and where I want to go. As I pursue a career change into coaching, it leaves me wondering about my ‘be’. My goals are often set for the future such as ‘I will have paid off all debt in three years’, which is a long way away! One of my other goals is to be more present – so I’m making some short term goals. I hope they also help you get to know me better… Onwards to my three May goals.

1. Spend more time outdoors

Summer is so pretty but Thomas and I aren’t really seeing any of it. Parks, picnics and playtime is in store for us! Our plan is to get outdoors at least a few times a week. Not forgetting the factor 50… We hope…

2. Get up earlier to ‘get ready’

I am one of those who doesn’t feel good if they don’t look good. Self image is very important to – just in case my make up obsession hadn’t given that away! The want to diet aside; hair done, face made up and well fitting clothes I like are a must. May is hair month, up and atom for luscious locks.

3. Blog, blog, blog

I miss talking to thin air, I do it all day at home but this is something I really enjoy and I have missed it. Even short updates are on the cards for May – as long as it’s there as I build my content for both here and for my baby site. Therapy is listening to oneself work out what others’ wish they could tell you.

So that’s me! What are your plans for being this month?

K xxx