Comfort Over Style? Today, yes.

I came to thinking whilst sitting in my brand new glider meant for the nursery, how adamant I was to not get one. If you’ve ever traipsed around a Mothercare you’ll understand the piece of furniture I’m referring to. They look like they should belong in a care home and look like they should cause all manner of sea sickness..


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You recognise it don’t you… it’s that chair you think ‘I’ll never get one of those, I want a beautiful antique rocking chair draped with beautiful cushions and a neutral organic hand knitted shrug from the depths of Mongolia’. That is until you are traipsing around Mothercare a bit later on at 6+ months pregnant and need to sit down for a minute. I’ve never felt so comfortable at that moment in my entire life. I bought one on the spot. I’m actually gently gliding in it whilst writing this as I had it installed in the lounge whilst pregnant. I will move it to the nursery. Eventually. Honest!

In all seriousness – it’s an ugly piece of furniture, but I can imagine the same bliss as I felt in Mothercare during those long nights when bubba just won’t let up and I’m grateful for it. I’d recommend time and time again even just on the basis of I’ve not been as comfortable on my sofa pregnant as I am in the ‘chair’.

I do still really want that rocking chair though. Even if just for insta… 🙂

K x