Late Pregnancy == Style Limbo?

During pregnancy, fashion is harder and you hit a style limbo. At least I did! I was struggling anyway as I was at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been before becoming pregnant. A couple of years of miscarriages and depression had sent my eating out of control but ASOS Curve was keeping me going. When I got pregnant, I confronted my worsening depression and changed my lifestyle dramatically. It’s culminated in at the end of 9 months, I’ve ‘put on’ approx 2 pounds in total. Awesome! I’m now at the end of pregnancy however and how do you cope with the fact your maternity clothes are a season out and it’s really not worth buying more?

I guess the best bit of staying the same weight was that my big clothes have kept me going throughout the pregnancy with only a few maternity purchases. I concentrated mainly on jeans and a couple of dresses. My burgeoning stomach needed the room! Tops were easy and stretchy and my ‘unhappy’ styles work so well for winter.

It’s now spring and my happy face is on! What to wear? The answer that has kept me going: Makeup that face and accessorise!

Dressing for your trimester

Comfort is essential, especially as you enter the last few weeks. I have found that the uncomfortableness really kicks up a notch around weeks 37-38. Going from down to up is a real mission and takes time. That baby is taking up a whole lot of room in your abdomen and even when Braxton Hicks aren’t kicking in, it’s still a tight fit. Tight clothes are a no no, even your maternity jeans are becoming uncomfortable at this time.

Layer layer layer

Body heat is an issue during pregnancy, even more so later on. Warm is too hot and cool is too hot. Layering is essential for the pregnant lady. Leggings, jeans, tops, cardigans, and jackets are good investments to add to your wardrobe. The ability to mix and match is crucial to the maternity wardrobe.

Accessories are everything

Your shoe wardrobe along with jewellery will save you from crushing boredom. For half the year, you are a bit restricted and towards the end, buying maternity is not attractive. Rings and shoes may be an issue if you’re swelling (I’m so pleased I escaped this) but scarves, neckwear, hair accessories, hats, bags, clutches etc will give you all the variety you need.

Give it some face

If you love makeup like I do, your face is your canvas. You can transform a whole black outfit with different hair and makeup. Summer up your darks with a hot pink lip or winter your colour with a matte dark purple.

Invest in quality

It may be hard to think about spending money on anything during maternity. We have to save for our maternity leave, we don’t want to spend a lot of money on anything we wear with such a different body shape and towards the end we’re so fed up we can’t think of buying anything. I hear you girls, I really do. I’m 39 weeks and sick of the whole thing. However, remember that your face and your accessories are not just for maternity. Invest in quality pieces for the season. Look forward to adding them to the wardrobe you can get once you’re belly stops hiding your feet! Your bump clothes may get thrown out, but accessories are forever…


It won’t be that long, I promise. Try to remember that this is temporary! It’s ok to be fed up. It doesn’t mean you love your baby or yourself any less, waiting to give birth is a limbo that gets more and more frustrating. It won’t be long…

K x