So. What is ‘Normal’?

I write this on the very first evening I have put my son down for the night in his own room. After watching him during the nights in his crib cramped and bashing himself on the sides; I decided that it was time to put aside my need to have him next to me and let him stretch out. He is sleeping soundly and looking a lot more comfortable whilst I anxiously listen out for him. It is now as I contemplate having evening and especially with my Husband returning to work next week that I ponder what our ‘normal’ will be.

The last year has been a funny one for family DTV. This time last year I was in recovery from a nasty breakdown of depression and wondering how I could job hunt whilst pregnant. My stressful and thankless job was making recovery very difficult and becoming less and less worth it. At 9 months pregnant, I was told I was also at risk of redundancy, a couple of weeks after giving birth, I attended my first redundancy hearing and within a few more weeks was officially unemployed. As was my husband, we were on the same team at the same organisation. As you can imagine, there were a lot of cons to this but one big pro was that he was able to most of the time since Baby DTV was born at home with us. Great! But not something that will be the ‘norm’ moving forward. We have no routine. What’s it going to be? I have no idea.

Exciting 🙂

K x