Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Lip To Cheek Dewy Colour Pop


A powder revolution: a super luxe micro-fine powder with soft-focus nano particles that blur away lines and imperfections for effortlessly flawless skin in a silk-cashmere touch.

When in front of the lens and under the spotlight, model skin requires constant re-touching to prevent skin shining in the wrong areas. Traditional powders can look heavy and dull the skin, so Charlotte created AIR BRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH, this breathable, micro-fine powder technology gives an immaculate complexion that acts like the most luxe, micro-fine cashmere veil on top of the skin for a bright, illuminating finish


  • Using the POWDER & SCULPT BRUSH, apply AIR BRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH around the nose, T-zone and any other oily areas that need to be mattified. It can be used on its own, or on top of LIGHT WONDER foundation and RETOUCHER concealer to set them.
  • For oily skin types looking for a truly flawless finish, apply AIR BRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH all over the face for more coverage, starting from the T-zone and working outwards and up with a powder brush.


  • With Ibiza, think Beyoncé, Adriana Lima, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Es Vedra is perfect for Bombshell temptresses, Glamour Muses and Rebels such as Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Jerry Hall.
  • Las Salinas is essential for Uptown ladies and Ingénues from Kate Upton to Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and a latter-day Christy Turlington.
  • With Formentera think Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, Gisele and Ursula Andress – perfect for sun-drenched Sophisticates and Golden Goddesses.
  • Moon Beach is a universally flattering shade to light up your face, ideal for Dolce Vitas, from Barbara Bach to Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren.

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