Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

The Modern Renaissance palette is pretty famous in makeup circles. It’s regarded as a staple and certainly of the best palettes around. I finally caved and got this palette a while ago and I couldn’t agree more. I LOVE it!

The Product

The colour selection of the palette certainly lends itself well to most seasons. From oranges to pinks to reds to browns and highlights, you can make it as bright or dark as you wish.

The packaging is a really big selling point of the MR palette. It has a soft felt like material over the box which makes it seem really quite luxurious. The brush included with it is a really good quality dual blending brush.

It’s a bit difficult to get this as you can only really realistically buy online and many places will only sell one per customer.

How did it do?

The pigment of the product really is something. You don’t need an awful lot of product to achieve something really quite striking. This is actually a shame then that the fall out is quite an issue if you don’t know this and attack it with a heavy hand. An issue which became worse with the latest release from ABH – the Subculture palette. The swatches however show just how easy it is to build. Remember your primer though!

The colours themselves really do compliment each other well. This first eye image is my first go at using this palette on it’s own and managed to create something quite nice. Even nicer when you see the whole face I think. Gives a really nice glow.

It’s one of the more expensive palettes at £56 and you can get it on the likes of beauty bay and cult beauty. I don’t know anywhere that you can buy it in store yet, but I’ll update if I find somewhere that does.

The Verdict

Yes, the palette is expensive but it’s a staple in your collection. As well as the pictured above, I’ve done several very different looks from the understated to the extreme and loved each one. Don’t be heavy handed with it and you’ll get look after look for a long time.

K x