Naked Heat Range

The naked heat range was very much anticipated for quite some time and it finally hit! Due to a little one, I haven’t managed to get a review sorted, until now but here’s how it did:

The Products

The heat palette itself is a mixture of warm reds, oranges and purple colours. The complimentary eyeliners and lipsticks keep the same hue themes.

The palette was inspired by the single shade Riff that was released a couple of years ago according to Wende Zomnir (Co-Founder and CCO) that led to developing more orange and terracotta shades.

The lipsticks come in three different shades that compliment varying looks. For your day use, Fuel is a great choice as a warm nude then moving on to the next two shades which are metalised scorched and heat for more striking looks.

The eyeliners provide a contrasting element to the collection in alkaline and torched. Both of which are limited edition just like the lipsticks and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

How did they do?

It’s official – I’m an Urban Decay junkie. They are pretty much my first stop when I hit Bluewater (shopping centre in Kent, UK) and I am rarely disappointed. I waited so long for this to come out, then I had a huge backlog of reviews to write with a very tiny baby so had to wait till I had time to photograph it before using it. It. Was. Torture.

The swatches themselves this time were done a little excitedly and probably aren’t as clear as they should be I’m afraid but they give a great indication. The circles are the eyeliners, stars lips and the rest is the palette. You can’t really see the first two colours so well as they are quite close to my skin tone – great for blending!

The lipsticks are cream so they glide on fantastically and feel super hydrating. They need reapplying throughout the day though.

I’m so impressed with the eyeliners, I’ve probably used these the most out the whole range. They have a great colour pay off and are so easy to apply. I find that some eyeliners (chanel I’m looking at you) are so difficult to apply as the application seems to require such a heavy touch – something you really don’t want on your eyes, this certainly isn’t the case here.

The Verdict

Simple – get it while you can. Each product bar the palette is £15.50 which is standard for these sorts of brands and the palette is under 40 which I think is great value.

K x

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